About TS Vertex LLC

Wants to empower people to make informed financial investment decisions

Company Profile

In order to better bring TS Vertex grid strategy robots to the global market and promote global development, the TS Vertex team officially registered and established TS Vertex LLC in March 2024.

Financial services leader

It is a financial services provider headquartered in New Mexico, USA. Based in the financial services field, it is committed to providing customers with more intelligent and efficient financial solutions and becoming one of the world's leading financial service providers.

Nature of business

The company's business nature is financial services, aiming to provide investors with intelligent and efficient financial solutions.


Aiming to become a leader in the field of financial technology, we provide global investors with intelligent and efficient financial solutions to help them achieve wealth growth and asset preservation.

MSB Supervision

US Financial Conduct Authority - MSB Regulation
Registration number: 31000267462938
Accept the strict review system of international banks to ensure the safety of customer funds.

Leading investment institution

Complete Series A financing of US$50 million in 2024, led by TD Ameritrade, Schroders, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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