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TS Vertex uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and data analysis technology to build a variety of grid trading strategies, covering various markets such as spot, futures, hedging, and covering a variety of trading products, such as options, CFDs, etc.

When a user starts a strategy transaction, the system will predict the current market trend of a product through in-depth data analysis, historical trends and inertia, and generate a corresponding trading strategy.
For example, the system predicts the price increase of a certain cryptocurrency product in the future and formulates specific buying and selling prices based on this prediction, and executes strategy trading orders through grid robots.
Even if the market fluctuates greatly, TS Vertex's intelligent risk management system will analyze real-time data and adjust the appropriate trading strategy according to the current situation, automatically stop loss and re-formulate new trading strategy orders at the moment when the current order loss is minimized.

📊TS Vertex AI achieves the predetermined income through an order profitability rate of more than 80%, which is the core of TS Vertex

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