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Trade Beyond Limits, Embrace Infinite Possibilities

We are committed to building a platform that allows you to enjoy cryptocurrency trading and investment. Trade with an advanced trading terminal or create a fully automated trading robot with TS Vertex

Data Expert

Intelligent trading for the future of finance

Provide customers with a variety of financial services including trading tools, investment consulting, asset management, etc. to meet the needs and goals of different customers.

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Platform Statistics

Let TS Vertex unleash the huge potential of social trading and automated crypto trading.

Our Values

It is motivation, belief, and the bottom line for perseverance


Increase transparency and support an open, public web. Provide data to the community and support contributions to open source efforts by organizing the world's data and making it transparent and easily accessible.


Develop industry standards for analyzing and monitoring crypto networks and assets. Be more than just a data provider, but provide raw and problem-solving capabilities.


Work with industry and clients to gain and share new insights into the emerging economics of investment transactions.


Remain impartial and neutral in the derivation and analysis of the metrics and benchmarks provided.

Sniper Robot


A trading tool that combines advanced technology and rich experience, including grid trading strategies, intelligent risk management and diversified trading tools.

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Parameter Optimization

Our parameter sensitivity testing allows you to run thousands of full backtests on our scalable cloud computing, completing weeks of work in minutes.

Visualize all iterations of parameters on a heat map to quickly understand your strategy's sensitivity to parameters, allowing for robust out-of-sample trading.

Explore further by opening each result and viewing its trading and backtest logs to understand where the alpha is coming from.

Institutional-grade real-time trading

TS Vertex has deployed over 250,000 real-time strategies in a hosted, co-located real-time trading environment. Our platform handles over $380+M in transaction volume every month.

Our real trading data interface includes US SIP, CME, FX and major cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, etc.). Additional real-time feedback options are available upon request.

Development Plan

Trade Beyond Limits, Embrace Infinite Possibilities

Technological innovation: Increase investment in research and development in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning to achieve more accurate market predictions and trading decisions
AI intelligent assistant: Provide investors with personalized intelligent services
Team expansion: Attract more top talents to join our team

Automate your trades and get more money from investors


Trading Automation


Spread Betting


Dollar Cost Averaging


Real Time Trading


Portfolio Tracker

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1. Just deposit at least 50USDT into your TS Vertex account to activate immediately and become a valid user.
2. After becoming a valid user, you will permanently gain the right to participate in strategic transactions and be eligible for withdrawals.
3. As a valid user, you are eligible to form a community team, thereby expanding your community network and increasing revenue opportunities.
4. Participate in the mission center and you will receive additional activity bonuses and benefits, bringing more value to your investment.
Any single or accumulated deposit exceeding 50USDT will be automatically upgraded to a valid user. As a valid user, you can not only create grid strategy orders, but also withdraw money, receive team commissions, and receive salary, taking full advantage of the various advantages provided by the TS Vertex platform.

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